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Company Showcases

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We offer a variety of events to help you develop your professional presence, skills and grow your network. Our company showcases typically have speakers ranging from local and national companies describing their technologies or UW professors presenting their research. Companies are highly interested in recruiting at UW. Our industry events are a great way to network and achieve your professional goals. We also offer events such as field trips to company plants. You have the option of sending in your resume to join our exclusive resume pool!


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Projects is a separate group within IEEE that allows members the opportunity to work on member-suggested electronics projects like a solar powered cell phone charger (with the help of experienced members and faculty) to gain valuable hands-on experience doing PCB design, H/W and S/W design, etc. There is no experience required - underclassmen and students from every major are encouraged to participate!



Get the chance to meet and socialize with other students who share your interests with events like open bowling, kickball, movie nights, laser tag, etc.



We also offer outreach activities as a way to get involved in the surrounding community and get some volunteer experiences. We do events like preparing local middle and highschool students for their science olympiad competitions.

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